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"Bradley Sales taught me the critical importance of correctly profiling your target market and qualifying prospects that only meet your criteria. In my case, I had been pursuing the wrong client profile for the past six months wasting much time, energy and money; and becoming very frustrated along the process."


Julio A. Castillo, President of Latin Flavors - Fine Artesian Ice Cream

What our clients say

Getting started is as simple as meeting for a cup of coffee or lunch.  Our discussion will begin with the success your company has experienced and what strategies you have put in place to achieve this success.  We will talk about your sales effort including what you have accomplished and how it is working, or not.  

At this meeting, you will be able to assess what Bradley Sales can do for you.  We will all gain understanding and direction at this initial meeting that will help us to determine the next steps needed to strengthen your sales effort. 

What might these steps be?  We can help you establish a sales process that is duplicable from one division to another or from one sales rep to another.  We may evaluate your sales team and find requirements for team training or one-on-one training.  We may help your sales management with forecasting, planning and reorganizing.  We may hire sales people and train them and manage them for you.  It’s all up to you and specifically tailored to what you need.

How do we work for you financially?  We work on a project basis, an hourly basis or a not to exceed basis.

How long is your commitment to Bradley Sales?  It depends on what you need and when you are satisfied with the results.  Most want their sales process clearly defined, documented and implemented with their sales reps.  Some of our clients find that they can’t afford full time sales management and contract Bradley Sales as an extension of their own staff.  Others simply need short term intensive sales strengthening and from there, we help out from time to time when a jump start is required for a new product or a new hire.   Tens of hours to hundreds of hours are available depending upon your specific requirements and your budget.

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