"Bradley Sales brainstormed with our team to refine our sales process, managed that process and hired the sales team to implement it. Debbie’s customer relationship skills and networking enthusiasm gave her the drive to establish and implement a national event schedule that empowered us to achieve national product awareness in less than two years. Her sales team and management efforts resulted in a 12 fold increase in Resource Commander sales orders and thousands of users."

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​Roy Jaeger - Principal Consultant of Intentional Results Group, LLC​

Business Sales Strategy

Your process may not be pretty, but every business has one. It consists of your routine, your plan, and your selling methods… it's the way you do things now.  Most business sales strategies are based on the things that over time worked for the first sales person, often the founder. Business owners can quickly become victims of their own success however.  If you've become too busy running the business to focus on sales, or you just want a mature sales process that can support future growth, we can help. 

Selling Methods

It's true that what works for one sales person may not work for another, but mature sales teams develop around common lessons learned.  At the very least, all of your sales people should utilize selling methods that are effective in your market. Even if you have a great sales team, a cumbersome or misdirected sales approach will result in a "freestyling" approach to sales.  The effects include a disappointing customer experience, and confused sales staff.

All successful sales management strategies have at their core a duplicable process, used to ensure the whole team moves in unison and new members are quickly brought up to speed.  Bradley Sales will help you to evaluate, refine and document your process so that you can more easily manage sales people and train new employees in the appropriate selling methods. 

Creating a Sales Plan

Beyond the documentation that forms the basis for sales process training, your sales team should have a written sales plan that serves as a roadmap toward a common goal.  The sales plan articulates objectives for the company and for each member of the sales team.   Sales forecasts will outline the goals for business development sales people and management use to measure success. 

Bradley Sales will work with you to develop a plan that fits your business, your goals and your circumstance. Creating a sales plan is the first step toward a scalable sales process that will allow your company to grow. Once the plan is defined, we can also help you to execute it by providing sales staffing, sales coaching, and sales reports that track the plan's progress. 

The Sales Process

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