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Sales Staffing & Training

Sales Team Management

It’s no secret that one of the key pillars in any successful organization is the quality of its people. Everything starts and stops there, because no matter what process or performance measurement system is in place, nothing matters unless you’ve got the right people to make it happen.

Sales Staffing

When any company considers adding staff, it’s a signal that growth is expected.  It’s easy to simply hire bodies to fill slots and make numbers work, but the vital prerequisite is careful planning to clarify how each new hire supports business objectives. That’s why we begin with a thorough analysis of current staff to understand where strengths and weaknesses lie. In any case, Bradley Sales can assist by designing a staffing plan that meets both immediate needs and long term objectives. We benchmark your requirements and assess candidates to determine the best fit for the job and your company. We look beyond what other sales job agencies deliver to what your company really needs in order to achieve success. 

Sales Training Program

There’s lots of sales training companies offering a variety of programs, from self help books to seminars to closing drills.  Our programs are tailored specifically to what your team needs, and will fill the gaps and strengthen areas of weakness.  We simply won’t waste time trying to fix what’s not broken.  Most importantly, we’ll put in place a system that demands accountability to the tasks that really drive profitability.  Part of this program includes a sales management training program that keep managers and owners on top of the key points that drive success in sales.

Bradley Sales specializes in finding, placing and developing people who fit your business.  People who have the sales savvy that will enhance and drive your sales team toward success.  We’re not just a sales recruiting firm or another run-of-the-mill sales trainer, we are your sales team builder.

“As STC recruits new talent, Debbie provides an invaluable service in this process.  Debbie understands STC's needs and is highly effective in screening applicants both by resume review and initial phone interview.  The benchmarking and assessment processes Debbie set up and manages for STC have proven to be very effective tools as we hire professionals that are a good fit for our company.”


Brent Roberts, Safety & Health Division Manager, Safety Training & Consulting