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"As STC recruits new talent, Debbie provides an invaluable service in this process.  Debbie understands STC's needs and is highly effective in screening applicants both by resume review and initial phone interview.  The benchmarking and assessment processes Debbie set up and manages for STC have proven to be very effective tools as we hire professionals that are a good fit for our company."

Brent Roberts, Safety & Health Division Manager

Safety Training & Consulting



"I had the pleasure of working with Debbie as a Sales Account Executive out of our Florida region (IBM). I witnessed firsthand her ability to architect a sales plan, develop winning “value-based” strategies and execute in a customer centric manner that resulted in extraordinary sales performance. Debbie has the unique capability to develop both new business and cultivate an installed customer base for cross-sell expansion. Any sales organization looking for high performance talent will be well served with Debbie’s leadership."

Joe Licata - Former President/CEO
Siemens Enterprise Networks, LLC



"Bradley Sales’ experience, input and creativity have enabled HDPE, Inc. to accurately define our sales plan/goals for the future. Under Bradley Sales’ direction HDPE, Inc. has achieved increased focus on the proper sales activities to enable us to streamline processes and effectively manage our desired results. With Debbie Bradley’s value-added approach to consulting, HDPE, Inc. has definitely received the "bang for the buck" we expected. I would recommend Bradley Sales to any company who endeavors to increase its sales performance, goals, and activity levels. "

Marc Hazell, COO

HDPE, Inc. Your Partner in the Trenches

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"Bradley Sales taught me the critical importance of correctly profiling your target market and qualifying prospects that only meet your criteria. In my case, I had been pursuing the wrong client profile for the past six months wasting much time, energy and money; and becoming very frustrated along the process.

My big "Ahaa!" moment was learning from Debbie that selling is not just art alone (and that only if you're born with such an "art" in you were you able to succeed in sales). To my very pleasant surprise, I learned that first and foremost that selling is a science. Hence, you first learn the science (the Sales Process), then you practice it over and over again until you finally become an artist. Yes! "I can do this," I enthusiastically told myself!

Furthermore, I consider our one-on-one sessions most valuable because I was able to discern (through example and then practice) that a key quality is to be assertive in salesmanship."

Julio A. Castillo, President

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ACS Connect

"I initially invited Bradley Sales to analyze the sales process at ACS Connect. Within a matter of days Debbie Bradley had determined we had a great software product for construction companies but needed to improve our sales efforts if we were ever going to reach our market potential. Her energy and sales savvy made it plain to me we needed to move forward in the marketplace together.

Bradley Sales brainstormed with our team to refine our sales process, managed that process and hired the sales team to implement it. Debbie’s customer relationship skills and networking enthusiasm gave her the drive to establish and implement a national event schedule that empowered us to achieve national product awareness in less than two years. She established relationships with the leading national construction accounting vendors and developed our channel partner program to collaborate with them. Her sales team and management efforts resulted in a 12 fold increase in Resource Commander sales orders and thousands of users. Debbie was a valued member of my executive team and a trusted partner that I can recommend with confidence to anyone looking to improve the performance of their sales efforts."

Roy Jaeger, Principal Consultant 
Intentional Results Group, LLC

Former CEO
ACS Connect - Construction Time & Attendance Software